Committed to Your Pet’s Health & Mobility with Specialized Dog Braces

Pets are part of our families, so when they experience injuries or conditions that limit their mobility, you want compassionate, caring professionals to provide options and solutions that meet your pet’s needs and get them back to a healthy active lifestyle.  


Pet Ortho Braces provides custom bracing and prosthetics for dogs and other animals to get them back to a healthy active lifestyle. 

How Custom Bracing Works


Our certified clinicians work with pet owners and veterinarians to understand the underlying condition and recommended treatment.  If your pet has already been evaluated, please contact us or we can provide an overview before you see the veterinarian.

Custom Fabrication

Each animal has unique anatomy, so each orthotic and prosthetic device is custom molded and fabricated to your pet, ensuring the best outcome during the healing process.  Our team has 20+ years experience designing custom prosthetics and orthotics.

Fitting & Adjustments

Once fabrication is complete, your pet will be fit with their brace or device. We’ll make sure it has proper fit and function to achieve the desired outcome.  We’ll provide instructions and test the device on your pet, making sure the animal moves appropriately while healing.

Ongoing Treatment

Our treatment protocol includes follow up appointments during the 14 week healing process to make any adjustments needed.  We work closely with veterinarians, make adjustments as needed and can do follow ups at our clinic or your vet’s office in the Phoenix area..

Brown dog with CCL brace provided by Pet Ortho Braces

A Non-Surgical Alternative

In some cases, custom bracing can be used as an alternative to surgery.  The most common need we see in our practice is for dogs with torn or damaged cranial cruciate ligaments (CCLs). The CCL is an important ligament inside the knee (stifle) joints of dogs. In people, it is referred to as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The ligament plays an important role in stabilizing the stifle during weight-bearing.

Surgery can be utilized, but for some pets, surgery is not an option due to the pet’s age, budget or other reasons. Many pets will see the same benefit with a custom orthotic brace and treatment protocol.  See our Success Stories page or YouTube channel to see the braces in action.

Meet Our Team

David Vowels

David Vowels, CPO

David Vowels, CPO, serves as President and leads clinical operations for Pet Ortho Braces. David, an ABC Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist, has 20+ years experience evaluating, designing and fitting prosthetics and orthotics. He provides on-site and video consultations with pet owners and veterinarians to ensure they develop the best treatment plan for the pet.

Once a treatment plan is established, David oversees the custom fabrication, fitting and follow up to ensure optimal outcomes.

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson serves as advisor to Pet Ortho Braces.  Mark and David launched Pet Ortho Braces in 2022, following Mark’s extensive career leading Handicapped Pets and Walkin’ Pets, where his services helped the lives of more than 1 million animals across the world.

Mark is passionate about helping pets and their owners, especially those pets who have been impacted by an injury or condition that is keeping them from living an active, healthy life.


Diana Vowels

Diana Vowels

Diana Vowels serves as operational lead, providing strategic planning and operational guidance.

She brings experience managing operations in healthcare, real estate, tech and media.


Mark Aggen

Mark Aggen, Technician

Mark Aggen serves as an orthotic and prosthetic technician. His work includes design, fabrication, laminations and adjustments to custom braces.

Mark has 10+ years experience in the orthotic and prosthetic field.

Liz Anderson

Liz Anderson, Marketing

Liz Anderson is studying biomechanical engineering and pursuing her passion for pets as an intern at Pet Ortho Braces.

She assists in fabrication and captures the stories of our pet clients for social media.

Veterinarian treating Corgi dog.

Our Veterinary Partners

We work closely with veterinarians, surgeons and technicians across the Phoenix market.

We often see pet owners looking referrals for veterinary services, particularly practices specializing in rehabilitation and orthopedic care.  If your practice wants to join our network, please contact us.

Arnold was born with deformed paws so he could barely walk.  His braces helped him so much as he grew.  He’s now such a happy dog, loves the outdoors and hiking the mountains nearby.”

Arnold, puppy, wears dual carpal braces

Lexi, Phoenix

Arnold’s Pet Parent

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