How to Cast A Dog for a Custom Brace

The success of custom orthotic braces is dependent upon a cast that closely mirrors the anatomy of the dog’s limb.  The cast is used to make a model of the limb, which is used in the fabrication process to ensure a well designed, well fitting brace can be produced for your pet.

Pet Ortho Braces provides casting services as part of the bracing program.  In some cases, the casting process can be done at your veterinary office or home.  Please contact us to receive a casting kit and review the casting video before you proceed. 

Thanks to David, my dog Spot is now healed from a CCL tear with no surgery needed. He was amazing with creating a custom brace for him, following through with check up appointments and keeping up with me until his discharge date. It took 15 weeks to heal Spot’s leg and the results were worth the time. I 100% would suggest this treatment and care to anyone looking for a surgery alternative!

Kali Albright

Spot’s Pet Parent