Why Choose Custom Braces for Dogs?

Orthotic braces are used with mobility issues caused by injuries, surgeries or chronic conditions like arthritis. 

Benefits to your pet:

  • Aids in recovery from injuries
  • Reduces pain and improves mobility
  • Prevents further damage to joints and muscles
  • Distributes weight and reduces strain
  • Prevents the progression of arthritis
  • Can reduce the need for pain medications and side affects of medication

Common Braces

Stifle (CCL) Brace

The Pet Ortho Stifle Brace is provides knee support while stabilizing the femur and tibia to prevent anterior translation and minimize the stress on the CCL. The metal joints help prevent unwanted axial rotation in the knee joint along with medial/ lateral support. This allows the pet to maintain a natural range of motion and gait.

Knee injuries and cruciate tears are the most common injuries in dogs. A custom stifle brace stabilizes the knee joint after injury or during surgical recovery. It is possible your dog may need a brace on the other limb to protect against excessive wear while the affected side heals.

Carpal Brace

The Pet Ortho Carpal Brace stabilizes a dog’s lower front leg at the ‘wrist.’

​An orthotic carpal brace stabilizes a dog’s limb to provide stability, in addition to controlling the range of motion and providing stability and pain relief.

Injuries to these joints can result from either acute trauma or activities that cause a sudden, repetitive sprain to the ligaments surrounding them.

​Range of motion joints can be added to allow for motion while stabilizing the affected area.

Elbow Brace

The Pet Ortho Elbow Brace supports and stabilizes a dog’s elbow joint.

Each elbow brace is custom-made to provide the elbow support your pet needs while limiting joint flexion and allowing for a natural range of motion.

The most common uses are joint laxity or instability, arthritis and tendon tears.

Hock Brace

The Pet Ortho Hock Brace is used for canine hind limb issues in the tarsal (hock) joint area.

The brace may be used to treat ligament injuries, torn tendons or medial/lateral instabilities in the tarsal joint. Hock braces can be made with or without hinges to achieve the desired results.

The brace supports a dog’s limb to provide stability and control the range of motion which can provide pain relief.

Other Custom Bracing

What You Need to Know About Custom Bracing


Bracing Can Provide an Alternative to Surgery

In many cases, properly designed and fitted custom bracing can support the healing process and be used as an alternative to surgery.  However, not all animals are candidates for custom bracing, so we can provide an evaluation for your animal at no charge, share our recommendation and let you make the decision.


Different Braces Treat Different Needs

The most common condition we treat with custom bracing is damaged or torn CCL injuries, which is similar to a human ACL knee injury.  We treat those with a custom designed Stifle/CCL braces molded to fit your pets unique limb shape.  But we also provide bracing for other injuries, arthritis or other conditions that are hindering your pet’s mobility.  A thorough evaluation is required before any treatment will be recommended. 


You Will be a Big Part of the Healing Process

Whether you choose surgery, custom bracing or any other treatment for your animal, pet parents are key to the animal’s recovery.  Specific protocol is recommended with any treatment, and your pet will have the greatest likelihood of success if pet parents are on board and follow guidelines to assist in the healing process.  Without your help, your animal may face delays in the healing process or worse yet, they may reinjure themselves with too much activity.  We work closely with pet parents and veterinarians to make sure we explain the process and provide ample opportunity for questions and follow up appointments to track the patient’s progress. 

David Vowels casting Cooper for CCL brace

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Wonderful experience with David! He’s knowledgeable, creative, so kind to my dog. He made a carpal brace that works well, and then made a second brace as an experiment! Both braces are excellent!

Pete with Carpal Brace

Danuta Szmit

Pete’s Pet Parent

Sedona, AZ