Elbow Braces

The Pet Ortho Braces Elbow Brace supports and stabilizes a dog’s elbow  joint.

Each elbow brace is custom-made to provide the elbow support your pet needs while limiting joint flexion and allowing for a natural range of motion.

The most  common uses are joint laxity or instability,  arthritis and tendon tears.

Common Conditions Treated with Elbow Braces

  • Elbow Osteoarthritis
  • Elbow instability
Brown dog wearing blue elbow brace

Elbow Braces In Action

Evaluation and Treatment Plans

Our certified clinicians work with pet owners and veterinarians to understand the underlying condition and recommended treatment.  If your pet has already been evaluated, please contact us or we can provide an overview before you see the veterinarian.

Custom Fabrication

Each animal has unique anatomy, so each orthotic and prosthetic device is custom molded and fabricated to your pet, ensuring the best outcome during the healing process.  Our team has 20+ years experience designing custom prosthetics and orthotics.

Fitting & Adjustments

Once fabrication is complete, your pet will be fit with their brace or device. We’ll make sure it has proper fit and function to achieve the desired outcome.  We’ll provide instructions and test the device on your pet, making sure the animal moves appropriately while healing.

Ongoing Treatment

Our treatment protocol includes follow up appointments during the 14 week healing process to make any adjustments needed.  We work closely with veterinarians, make adjustments as needed and can do follow ups at our clinic or your vet’s office in the Phoenix area.

Thanks to David, my dog Spot is now healed from a CCL tear with no surgery needed. He was amazing with creating a custom brace for him, following through with check up appointments and keeping up with me until his discharge date. It took 15 weeks to heal Spot’s leg and the results were worth the time. I 100% would suggest this treatment and care to anyone looking for a surgery alternative!

Kali Albright

Spot’s Pet Parent